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WW1 British Aviation - Online Resources

The lists below serve two purposes.  Firstly, they provide you with a definitive list of, and links to, [in the right hand column] the online sources I used during the production of the 10 part blog ‘British Aviation’.  Secondly, having seen what is available; if you follow the links in the left hand column you will be taken to the entry point for each source.

Cabinet Papers Online (Browse by Theme or search for a word or phrase)

DocumentsOnline (Search by Reference No - ‘Quick Search’ or select ‘Advanced search’ to search for a word or phrase)
If you know the series reference numbers (e.g. CAB 23/2) type it in the ‘Quick Search’ box.
CAB/23/2, Image Reference 0041

CAB/23/2, Image Reference 0052

CAB/23/3, Image Reference 0027

CAB/23/4, Image Reference 0017

CAB/23/5, Image Reference 0053

CAB/23/6, Image Reference 0004

CAB/23/40, Image Reference 0008

CAB/24/2, Image Reference 0037

CAB/24/6, Image Reference 0091

CAB/24/7, Image Reference 0006

CAB/24/10, Image Reference 0068

AWM4, Sub-class 8

Cutlack, F.M.

Baring, Maurice


Raleigh, Walter

Flight Magazine (Flight Global Archive)

Bairstow, Leonard

Editorial Comment

King, H.F.

Sykes, F.H.

Fort Leavenworth Digital Library

Bradbeer, Thomas B.

Rember, Bruce

Boff, Jonathan
‘Air/Land Integration in the 100 Days: The Case of Third Army’, Air Power Review, 12, (3), (Autumn 2009)

Dye, Peter
‘Sustaining Airpower – Influence of Logistics on RAF Doctrine’ Air Power Review, 9, (2), (Autumn 2006)

Dye, Peter
France and the Development of British Military Aviation’, Air Power Review, 12, (1), (Spring 2009)

Jordan, David
‘The Royal Air Force and Air/Land Integration in the 100 Days’, Air Power Review, 11, (2), (Summer 2008)

Price, Alfred
‘Air Power taken to its Limits and Beyond.  The Battle of Amiens’, Air Power Review, 4, (4), (Winter 2001)

Trenchard, Hugh

Slessor, J.C.
‘The Air-Land Battle’. RAF Spirit of the Air Inaugural Edition 1 April 1918 pp. 10 - 11.

Giffard, Hardinge (Viscount Tiverton)
‘Independent Air Power’, RAF Spirit of the Air Inaugural Edition 1 April 1918 pp. 7 - 9.

Royal Air Force


Morley, Robert

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