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British Aerial Photography and Photographic Interpretation on the Western Front - Pt 24

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Primary Sources

The UK National Archives

AIR 1/7/6/98/20
Capt. Campbell's notes on aerial photography, (1915 July)

AIR 1/7/6/98/20
2nd Lt V.F. Bryce, Photographic Officer, 1st Brigade, BEF. Report. (1 June 1916)

AIR 1/123/15/40/144
Photography in the R.F.C. – Reports on Progress (31 Dec 1915 – 27 Apr 1916

AIR 1/687/21/20/School of Photo
Documents on School of Photography, Farnborough, R.A.F., (1915-1926)

AIR 1/724/91/2
Photography in the R.A.F., paper by Lt.Col. Moore-Brabazon., (1914-1918)

AIR 1/724/91/6/1
History of air photography, (1914-1918)

AIR 1/725/97/3
Branch Intelligence Sections with Army Wings and Corps Squadrons. (1917 Feb. - 1918 Sept.)

AIR 1/889/204/5/656
Supply of cameras: R.F.C. in the Field, (1917 July - Dec.)

AIR 1/2393/240/2
Record by S/L. W. S. Douglas of air photography, (1915 Jan. - Mar.)

AIR 1/2395/255/1
3 Squadron notes on aerial photography, (1914 Dec. - 1915 Feb.)

AIR 1/2397/267/7
The technical aspects of British Aerial Photography during the war, 1914-1918 by Charles W. Gamble.

AIR 10/200
Album of Photographs taken by the Royal Flying Corps, (1917)

AIR 10/320
Notes on the Interpretation of Aeroplane Photographs (February 1918)

AIR 20/6466
PERSONAL (Code 57): Treatise on the study and interpretation of aerial photographs Oct 1916 by Lt E Pepin presented by F C Happold, (October 1916)

AIR 29/727
No. 1 School of Photography, Farnborough, (1912-1944 May)

AIR 34
Air Ministry: Central Interpretation Unit, predecessors and related bodies: Reports and Photographs, (1916-1952)

AIR 34/735
Some Notes on the Interpretation of Aeroplane Photographs (December 1916)

AIR 41/6
Photographic Reconnaissance, 1914 - Apr. 1941 Vol 1, (1914 - Apr. 1941)

WO 95/155
First Army Methods for the Attack, (13 April 1915)

WO 157/114
Battle of Messines: Intelligence Arrangements, (1917 May)

WO 158/962
Intelligence Corps: organisation and establishment, (1917 Aug. 1919 Jan.)

WO 158/983
Notes on the French system of intelligence during the battle of the Somme, (September 1916).

Imperial War Museum

Stationary Services Publications

Artillery Notes Number 4, Artillery in Offensive Operations, April 1916

Instructions for the Training of Divisions for Offensive Action, December 1916.
The Division in Attack, November 1918.

Artillery in Offensive Operations, March 1917

Artillery Notes Number 3, "Counter-Battery Work," February 1918

Artillery Notes Number 7, "Artillery in Defensive Operations," February 1918

Instructions for the Training of the British Armies in France (June 1917)


IWM Private Papers

IWM Catalogue Number 12244 P215 & 66/321/3 & PP/MCR/C15

IWM Catalogue Number 9793 PP/MCR/107

IWM Catalogue Number 12230 PP/MCR/155

The Australian War Memorial

AWM4, Sub-class 1/30

AWM4, Sub-class 1/33

AWM4, Sub-class 1/36

AWM4, Sub-class 8/6

AWM4,Sub-class 16/5

AWM – Honors and Awards


General Staff War Office

Haig, Douglas (Eds Sheffield, Gary and Bourne, John)
Douglas Haig War Diaries and Letters 1914-1918 (London, Phoenix, 2006)

War Department Washington D.C.
Maps and Artillery Boards – Reprinted from pamphlet issued by the British General Staff December, 1916, (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1917)

Contemporary Material

Baring, Maurice
R.F.C. H.Q. 1914-1918 (London, Bell & Sons, 1920)

Brooke-Popham, H.R.
‘The Air Force’, RUSI Journal, 65 (Feb./Nov. 1920)

Campbell, C.D.M.
Letter Campbell to General Brancker ‘Photography at Home’, (16 March 1916), Medmenham Collection DFG7891

Flight Magazine ‘Editorial Comment’

Flight Magazine
‘Royal Flying Corps (Military Wing) at Netheravon.  The Concentration Camp’, Flight Magazine’, 26 June 1914, pp. 670-676

Flight Magazine
‘Royal Flying Corps (Military Wing) at Netheravon.  The Concentration Camp’, Flight Magazine’, 3 July 1914, pp. 698-700

Laws, F.C.V.

Lambert, C.J.
Letter to Constance Babingdon-Smith (23 December 1957), Medmenham Collection DFG 3410

Lloyd, Alan
Letter to Constance Babingdon-Smith; 3 December 1957, The Medmenham Club Newsletter, Autumn 2009, p. 48

Macleod, M. N.

Moore-Brabazon, J.T.C.
Letter to Squadron Leader Mayle, School of Photography RAF, (25 November 1959), Medmenham Collection DFG 1471

Sykes, F.H.
‘Further Developments of Military Aviation’ Flight Magazine, 14 February 1914, pp. 170-173

Thompson, Vivien
‘Stereo-Photo Surveying’, The Geographical Journal, Vol. 31, No. 5 (May, 1908), pp. 534-549

War Office, Geographical Section, General Staff

Winterbotham, H.S.L.

Winterbotham, H.S.L.
‘British Survey on the Western Front’, The Geographical Journal, Vol. 53, No. 4 (Apr., 1919), pp. 253-271

Secondary Sources


Ash, Eric
Sir Frederick Sykes and the Air Revolution 1912-1918 (London, Frank Cass, 1999)

Ash, Eric
‘Air Power Leadership: A Study of Sykes and Trenchard’, in Peter W. Gray & Sebastian Cox (eds), Air Power Leadership Theory and Practice (London, The Stationary Office, 2002)

Air Historical Branch
A Short History of the Royal Air Force (Air Ministry, AP 125, 1936)

Bacon, J.M.

Barker, Ralph
The Royal Flying Corps in France from Mons to the Somme (London, Constable, 1994)

Barker, Ralph
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APIS Soldiers with Stereo: An Account of Army Air Photographic Interpretation, (The Intelligence Corps Museum, 1978)

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Journals and Periodicals

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Broad, C.N.F.

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Baker, Simon

Fahsi, Ahmed

Hannavy, John

Leggat, Robert

Smith, Neil


Electronic Media

Mapping the Front; The Western Front Association
Ypres – British Mapping 1914 – 1918.

Official History of the Great War 1914-1918
Military Operations France and Belgium.
Naval & Military Press, DVD, Release date August 2010.


[Accessed online 15 July 2011

Figure 2 - Boer War - British Camp Balloon Base (date unknown).

Medmenham Collection: Permission granted by Mr Mike Mockford.

Figure 3 - The Watson Air Camera 1913.

Flightglobal/Archive, Flight Magazine, 3 Jul 1914. p. 699
[Accessed online 20 May 2011]

Figure 5 - An ‘A’ type camera being handed to an observer of a FB5.

Medmenham Collection: Permission granted by Mr Mike Mockford.

Figure 6 - Neuve Chapelle 1915.
H. A. Jones, The War in the Air Volume 2 (Oxford, Clarenden Press, 1928) between pp. 90-91.

[Accessed online 17 August 2011]

Figure 11 - Vertical annotated proof print.
Mapping the Front; The Western Front Association Ypres – British Mapping 1914 – 1918.

[Accessed online 2 September 2011]
[Accessed online 3 September 2011

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