Friday, August 29, 2014

The Battle of Mons - 23 August 1914

New to the battle of Mons? Listed below are a variety of resources that will provide you with an understanding of what happened during the British Army's first engagement of the First World War:

Webpage: The Battle of Mons - The opening battle of the First World War for the British Expeditionary Force.

Video: BBC Series 'Our World War' Episode 1 - The defence of Nimy bridge by the 4th Royal Fusiliers in August 1914.

Podcast: The Road to War Episode 9 - The Battle of Mons Dr Brett considers the battle of Mons (one of a series of podcasts from a team of historians from the University of New England)

Podcast: Imperial War Museum Podcast 7 - Into Battle. As soon as the First World War broke out in August 1914, men from across Europe were sent into battle. Listen to some of them recall what they experienced – fighting on land, in the air and at sea – in the first month of the war.

Books: Low cost Kindle Editions

The Great Retreat of 1914: From Mons to the Marne [Kindle Edition] - More recent historical perspective. (£1.99)

FROM MONS TO THE FIRST BATTLE OF YPRES [Kindle Edition] - The first hand account. (£0.77)

Over by Christmas: The Retreat from Mons [Kindle Edition] - Historical fiction. (£1.53)

Books: Historical narratives - free from the Internet Archive

The first seven divisions : being a detailed account of the fighting from Mons to Ypres - published in 1916.

Official History: Military operations, France and Belgium, (August to October) 1914 - published in 1937.